hi 🤙🏼 i’m luis.
corporate finance geek by day. waterman, book collector, nature enthusiast, and family man all of the time.
this is my personal website where I document the useless and unimportant things that I find interesting: poetry, travel, books, photos, surfing, science, and tigers.

picks from the editor (me)

the usual surf session

The usual surf session is on weekdays. Dawn patrol in days with no morning meetings. It’s seldom a solitary activity in the summer, but it …

the selfish gene | richard dawkins

This is the first book that I have finished from the re-reading list I compiled a while ago. And this is the book, the one …

latest posts

little corner of the internet

The Verge published an article titled “bring back personal blogging”. It starts: In the beginning, there were blogs, and they were the original social web. …


2023, blogging

silvio y oda a mi generación

i’m in awe of young poets that write verse that can only be comprehended later in life. I know it is an illusion: it is …


2023, music, poetry

the original banana republic

Abandoned Republic presents an archive of the Banana Republic Travel & Safari Catalogue from 1978 to 1988, before the brand went full corporate and the …


2022, history, style, travel

the journey to ithaka

platitudes aren’t all to be avoided, corny is not to be scorned by the self-proclaimed cultured. I remember Mario Vargas Llosa coming to the defense …


2022, cavafy, literature, poetry

beyond elon and twitter

Well, he did it. he closed the deal and freed the bird. What surprises me (although why be surprised in these current times) are the …


2022, freedom, musings, politics,

ditching evernote

It’s been 2,123 days since I created my first note in Evernote on January 5, 2017. It’s served me well, taking practically everything I threw …


2022, productivity, tech