the usual trail run

The usual trail run starts by waking up early morning on the right location. That is four minutes away from Malibu Creek State Park. The clothes selection is governed by the weather, and in this winter I’m loving my Patagonia Thermal Airshed Jacket. It keeps me at goldilocks body temperature while on the move (however, …

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evening ritual with my daughter Luna

Without us noticing, we have a new ritual. Father and daughter only. Sometimes Sirius comes by and watches us, but he lets us be for the most part. Every evening, after the family has finished dinner, Luna calls me from the stairs, or comes to me with the little blue ball in her mouth. She …

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El momento en que estás (Presente)

I always wondered why certain songs, from the very first time we listen to them, stay with us for the rest of our lives. In 1969, Ricardo Soule composed one of the most important songs of rock n’ roll: Presente. He was 18 years old back then, but now, almost 50 years later, as he …

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