Hi 🤙🏼 I’m Luis. corporate finance geek by day. waterman, book collector, nature enthusiast, and family man all of the time.

this is my personal website where I document the useless and unimportant things that I find interesting: poetry, travel, books, photos, surfing, science, and tigers.


Following on my August 7 entry (don’t sabotage the trip before reaching your destination), I think we need to embrace and find beauty in logistics. We are all victims of the planning…

My Jeep

My Jeep deserves a post. I bought it in October 2018. Before then, there was 15 years of what looked like an interminable string of sedans. The time had come. Find something with at least a…

This website

As of January 2022, this site is set up and maintained with a few tools. hardware and apps I use a MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) with the Apple M1 Pro chip and 16 gigs of RAM. It’s connected to…